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I’m Kian Graham and I started Grant Thornton Corporate Challenge along with some friends who share the idea of helping others to turn compassion into action. Since then, we have followed the work of more than 500 companies devoted to helping hundreds of athletes and started to collaborate with over a hundred charity organizations throughout Ireland.

In Grant Thornton Corporate Challenge, you will find information about marathons and challenges that will allow you to join a good cause and help athletes succeed on their way to stardom. We love to run not only for pleasure but also to help a good cause.

Even if you are not an athlete, you’ll find something for you among all the information I offer on the site.

Physical challenges promote human beings and motivate us to achieve our goals. This shows the strengths each person has and, in cases of charity, proves how unified we can be. Thousands of marathons take place around the world every year, becoming an inspiration for many.

If you own a company and would like to show support to athletes and other charity organizations, you will find something in Grant Thornton Corporate Challenge. Being part of a charity can help you promote your business while encouraging your employees to give back to society.